Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have insurance? 

Yes! Up to a million dollars in liability insurance!  We are happy to send over a COI of insurance if your venue requires one!


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, we carry backup at all times , camera bodies, lenses, and flashes.


Can we have the raw photos?

While we understand the question, this is like going to a restaurant, and asking for a raw chicken.  It isn’t finished!  While we do shoot in raw format, we put the finishing touches on all the photos you receive, so that everything looks beautiful and cohesive when you receive the final edit.


How long will the web gallery be available? 

For 12 months after your wedding date.


What are our rights to the images?

You are allowed to print away, make T-shirts and mugs for yourselves to your heart's delight.  The only thing that is restricted is commercial usage.


How many weddings do you photograph a year?

Maximum of 25-30


Who is your second photographer?  

We have a small team of professional photographers that we work with, that have all been trained in our style that will be there for you on your day.


What happens if the photographer is ill or cannot shoot our wedding?

As we have a team of photographers that we work with, we can always guarantee that someone will be able to cover your wedding in the case of emergency.


Can my family members take pictures? Can I hire my own additional photographer?

We ask that you do not have other photographers during your wedding day, as it can impede us from getting the shots we know you will want and love forever.


How do we book?

50% deposit and a signed contract to hold the date.


When can we schedule our engagement session? 

Engagement sessions take place in the Spring through fall, and are scheduled Monday-Friday, as we are typically shooting weddings on the weekend.


What is the difference between a digital press album, and a fine art album?

A digital press album is a beautiful and budget friendly option for those that want to make sure they have a tangible product of their wedding day.  The difference between the Fine Art Album and the digital press album is that it is made through a printing press, while the Fine Art Album is entirely made by hand. 


How long does it take to get the album?

Once you approve the final design, the album should take 4-6 weeks for both the fine art album and digital press album.


Can we see a full gallery?

Absolutely, just let us know, and we can send you over a link!


How do you structure the day?

We typically start 2 to 3 hours before your ceremony.  This means that we can cover getting ready images of both the bride and the groom, as well do a first look and a portrait session before the ceremony, and to have some time for just the two of you before your celebration.  This also ensures that you will not miss your amazing cocktail hour.  

After the ceremony is when we typically do formal family portraits.  Before the wedding day, you will have already completed our questionnaire that will include a family shot list that you will make with your future husband/wife.  That way, when the time comes for photos, we can read down the list, and take no more than 30 minutes.  We also ask that you assign someone from each side of your family to help wrangle the guests in said photo list to make sure everyone is present and accounted for when we call their name.

From this point on, it’s eat, drink, and be merry, and we will be there with you every step of the way, documenting the important moments as they happen.  We may also pull you aside for 5 minutes should we want to get a nice sunset/magic hour photo of you before the light fades into party time!  Also note, we are happy to accommodate any impromptu photo requests at any point during the event.

Dance dance dance!  We love party shots, so make sure to show us what you got.  We will be there with bells on!


What is included in the 8hrs coverage? Does that include getting ready pics?

Yep! This covers getting ready, first look,  portraits, through a good portion of your reception. Just make sure to schedule any special events to happen before we leave, such as cake cutting!


If we want to add more time at the event, can we do this?

Yes, we will just invoice you after the event.


When do you typically start start on the wedding day?

We typically start 2 hours before the ceremony, unless otherwise noted.  Time starts at the first location whatever that location or locations may be for the next 8hrs. 


Do you pre-scout for the wedding day?

We typically do not pre-scout, since there are so many moving parts on a wedding day, and even if you have scouted, things change so quickly, depending on where we are shooting, especially in NYC.  Essentially, everything that you see on our site, has been shot off the cuff, as that is our speciality, working under pressure and making our surroundings work. That being said, if you are attached to having a certain backdrop, or shooting in specific areas, we highly recommend creating a shot list and taking the time to pre-scout to see if that fits into your timeline.  


What Should We Wear for the Engagement Session?

Engagement photos are meant to be a fun carefree day, where you get to have professional photos of you and your love.  That means you get to choose everything from where to when to how you want to dress! We like to think of it as dressing up for date night.  We are open to what makes you feel good!  The idea is for you to feel and look your best, and to enjoy yourself, and have beautiful photos for years to remember.  Some clients like to go with a more formal look, while others like to go with a more casual look, keep in mind that you should both be formal or casual to compliment each other.  Make sure to talk to each other about what you are going to wear, so that everything looks good together.  Stand next to each other in the mirror and see if anything is clashing. Choose colors that look nice together, and if one is wearing a pattern, maybe the other person wears a solid to keep it simple.  I also suggest a pop of color, as it looks great in photos!  Another tip is to bring some backup flats if you plan on wearing heels, so your feet don’t get tired!   Last thing, is please pack light!  We don’t want photos of you carrying around, bags and coats etc, so I always suggest to bring just the essentials: phone, keys, wallet, and I can carry those for you.  If you love getting your hair and makeup done, go for it, what better time do so, and remember to just have fun!