Travel Opportunity with Scarlet Macaw Trips

Who wants to go to Cartagena, Colombia, but doesn’t have time to plan their own trip! My dearest friend Sahara Borja has just launched an amazing travel service, Scarlet Macaw Trips, geared towards conscious travelers, that want to have more meaningful and culturally relevant experiences abroad! She’s booking amazing trips to Cartagena Colombia for this August, and is doing an all inclusive rate at a bargain! Check out her new site, and get at her! She is truly one of the most amazing brilliant women I know, and this is not a sponsored post! This is because I believe in her, and she is magic.  Don’t miss out!!! 

Some words about what they are doing. 
Scarlet Macaw Trips is a social purpose travel effort that emphasizes a rich cultural experience while empowering local communities in Cartagena, Colombia. This August we're taking you to Cartagena for 7 days and 8 nights and organizing your stay into a series of mini-adventures that range from seriously relaxing (hammocks, coconuts) to adventurous and immersive (cultural lunch-and-learns).

You'll experience the city's most relevant spots, you'll get a chance to dip your toes in clear blue waters, you'll (try to) dance like a local, and you'll get your Omega 3s on the daily with fresh seafood from the Caribbean.


This trip seeks to give you a direct line to the beauty of the region while offering intercultural exchanges at various junctures throughout the week for an opportunity to dialogue and to get to know some of your global neighbors, many of whom made their way to Cartagena from other regions in the country because of the country's prior civil conflict.

Built into the itinerary of ALL THINGS FUN AND BRIGHT, we think it's important to facilitate a lunch-and-learn in La Boquilla, an Afro-Colombian fishing village just outside the tourist center where we'll be chatting with Peace Corps volunteers and their students. We'll also interact with the folks from FUNSAREP, a local nonprofit that empowers women through art and group therapy and provides assistance in a variety of ways that is not available through the state. We met one of our guest speakers,Gavelys, at FUNSAREP.

Check it out guys, and happy travels!