Tivoli NY Wedding//Hannah+Conor

This wedding is a prime example of you get what you give. These two really came through with time to shoot, and an openness to anything I suggested for photos. I honestly can’t get over how lovely and no fuss this wedding was, with a guest list of only 14, including them.  I don’t get to shoot solo very often anymore, but I have to say it was such a treat, just getting to bop around the wonderland of upstate during fall with these two.  The colors, the location, the intimate setting was just one of the loveliest weddings I have ever been witness to.  They were both so mellow on the day of, and looked fabulous to boot!  I am completely in awe of Conor’s no holds barred floral wedding suit.  I mean come on, not many people can pull this look of, but he killed it.  It complemented Hannah’s Boho lace dress perfectly, and how about her bouquet!!! Those colors kill me.  Fall is officially my favorite for weddings. Also, I can’t recommend the Hotel Tivoli enough, I was lucky enough to dine there after the wedding, and everything was amazing!  Thank you Hannah and Conor, you rule!




Venue: Hotel Tivoli

Ceremony: Poets Walk

Florals: Flower Kraut

Suit: Montedoro

Dress: Dreamers and Lovers

Rings: Mociun

Shoes: Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Hair: Bodhi Holistic Spa

Makeup: Clare Lille