Rangefinder Magazine Feature

Well, I guess 2017 is off to good start! I landed my first magazine cover in Rangefinder's latest issue!  Inside the magazine, I also talk about what it's like shooting in the city, and different ways to approach it. I loved taking a minute to think about shooting in the urban landscape, since it really did have an impact on the way I shoot.  I moved to NY from LA, and I really hand to change the way I shoot. I used to be able to lug gear around LA in my truck, and load up with all kinds of fun things for a shoot, but living in NY, is a whole different game!  I downsized dramatically, learned to embrace the chaos, and had to become real quick on my feet.   I love the challenge, and I love what it's taught me on how to shoot with less.  Would love to hear your thoughts about shooting in the city! Check out Rangefinder for the full article!