NY World's Fair Engagement//Charlsie+Jeremy

Not only are these two adorable, fun, and just the best! They also chose one of the most unique locations for an engagement shoot to date. I cannot express to you, how much this makes my heart sing.  I love Central Park and all, but this, this my friends, is where it’s at.  Who else would choose the site of the 1964 NYC World’s Fair, as their engagement shoot location? I had never actually been to this location, so just the fact that this shoot took me to a new place, was enough for me.  They also love lemon ices, so we stopped there for one of their favorite treats before heading to our next location. I can’t thank them enough for bringing it on a cold NY day, with all smiles, good vibes, and good times. I can’t wait for your wedding day, see you in the fall!