Maroon Bells Wedding/Kyle and Ginger Get Married

My sister got married, and it pretty much looks like a post card dream. Being on this side of weddings is so different. I learned a lot about what a bride experiences during her planning process, and it’s fascinating. My sister and mom came out to NY last fall to do some dress shopping to see what we could find. One thing no one tells you that when you try on wedding dresses, is that you have to go into a tiny dressing room with your attendant and strip naked, so they can help you put the dress on. That was a surprise to all of us! Regardless, we had fun hitting up some of the usual suspects for boho bridal shops in NYC. We had some really fun experiences, and some not so much. In the end, Ginger was not comfortable in a typical wedding gown. My family is pretty low key, and not a big fan of too much attention, I think we all share that in common. In the end, we ended up hitting up a vintage shop in Bushwick, and found an amazing traditional Guatemalan skirt that my sister felt suited her better. My mom is Guatemalan, and both of us lived there for a time as kids, so our background became the jumping off point for the wedding. She sourced lots of great pieces from Etsy, and even found her now husband Kyle a beautiful tie made from traditional Guatemalan fabric.  In the end it was a very intimate family affair, with only 40 guests in total. Everyone pitched, including Kyle’s dad who made all the food! My mom did the floral pieces, and sourced a lot of the items as well. My lovely boyfriend officiated, and did an amazing job. He definitely impressed me :) Clearly Maroon Bells was not too shabby! Congrats Ginger and Kyle!