Dumbo Portrait Session//Abby+Jeremy

Some people come into your life, and set a marker for a distinct period of time. Abby and Jeremy are two of those people. They heralded the beginning of growing my business from just me, to having an associate and studio manger, and allowing me the freedom to believe in growing beyond myself as the face of AGP. Not only was their wedding one of the first big weddings shot my associate Shannon, but it was also one of the funnest most magical weddings of that year! Abby and I have stayed in touch over time, and she has been my champion, sending legions of newly engaged couples our way, so this is also a big thank you to her for that as well. Since her wedding she launched a fashion blog called Clothes and Pizza, and I’ve loved following along, from her getting dressed in the morning videos, to her lovely travel stories. Jeremy shoots all the photos, and does a great job chronicling her vintage finds, and making it all seem so effortless along the way. After living in this city for 10 years, there comes a time in every NY transplants life to decide if this is it, or if you’re going to move on from the city that never sleeps. Well, they have decided to hit the road, and make their home in California, like so many of my past clients have. It seems to be in the air, and to be frank, I am a bit jelly! They are also my second past clients, to have asked to do a farewell to NY photo shoot before heading west, so I think this may be a new trend. Farewell to Abby and Jer, and wishing you all the best on this new chapter.