Joshua Tree Family Session

I know I have been absent in the blogosphere, but it’s with good reason.  I’ll elaborate more later, as I’m more excited to talk about this shoot I recently did in Joshua Tree with my dear friends Carrie and Hal, and Arlo.  This shoot has been a long time coming, as I have been friends with these kids since they met, 15 years ago.  Carrie and I worked together in a trendy coffee shop in West Hollywood back in the day!  I was a barista, she the waitress, Hal the coffee delivery guy.  He used to come in once a week to drop off the order, and would kill time at the counter waiting to get paid, so we all got acquainted with him.  Back then Carrie would talk about how she had a crush on him, but never madea move.  One night, they ran into each other out on the town, and the rest is history.  It’s pretty unbelievable that we have all stayed in touch this long, and that the story continues on, especially with this little beam of light they call Arlo!  She is almost 5 now, and is a super star of a child!  She fell in love with my man on this trip, and I can’t get over how cute that is.  Anyhow, we were lucky enough to score this beautiful spot located right next to Joshua Tree national park, which ended up being an insanely perfect location for this shoot.  I can’t get over how beautiful the landscape is, as it was our first trip to Joshua Tree, so we will definitely be back!  I’m insanely honored to have captured this little moment in all of our lives, as we ended up having a really magical trip with their family, my boyfriend, and my long time friend Nancy who is now my studio manager.  After doing a little boulder climbing behind our abode, we shot until dusk, and just as the sun was going down, a big coyote ran by, and started howling at us under the moon, all the while Hal put on some tunes for us.  Obviously The Doors was our soundtrack, what else would you listen to in this landscape?  Thanks so much to my dear friends for putting this trip together, and being open to the magic.  Besides being a super mom, Hal and Carrie are the bad asses behind the site Red Cap Cards, a highly curated online market place for fine art stationary, featuring some of the best illustrators around the world. Be sure to check it out, it is pretty amazing!  Happy Mother's Day Carrie!