Wedding at 501 Union Alyson+Jordan

This wedding is one of those weddings, that you couldn’t have dreamed up if you tried.  So much of that has to do with the fact that these high school sweethearts, who have been together for almost 8 years, just let the day unfold as it did, without a worry.  They were so bold as to even plan on taking the subway with all of their closest friends form their apartment to the venue, as a way of incorporating the city backdrop into their big day.  Taking the subway with a wedding party was not only awesome, but a little risky if you ask me.  We had to get on the G, which we all know can be a disaster if you don’t know that you have to switch from the G to the shuttle G on the weekend, which we did almost miss, but caught just in the nick of time!  Whew!!! Anyway, it all went off without a hitch, and as we were getting off the subway, we saw these guys up on a scissor lift, and asked if the Bride and Groom could get a pic, and they happily obliged!  We were so shocked that they said yes, and then when they lifted them as high as they could into the sky, we all just knew that this moment was too perfect, it couldn’t have been planned.  Off we went to the venue, and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect set up with amazing food by Fig and the Pig.  Alyson requested an all traditional Iranian menu, as an homage to her family, and they couldn’t have done a better job!  Everyone knocked it out of the park, and of course my friends and colleagues by my side Courtney of Love+Brain films, and Jove Meyer at the helm, to make everything go off without a hitch!  Congrats you two!

Planner: Jove Meyer

Catering: Fig and Pig

Flowers: Mimosa Floral

Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld

Rings: Ken and Dana Design

Video: Love+Brain Films