Smack Mellon Brooklyn Wedding Brianne+Alex

I’m delving a little deeper with this post, only because I've noticed that I feel like I don't share enough about my own personal experience, which is what I've come to realize is such an important part of what happens during the day.  Not only do I not reflect enough in my posts, this post is also  a lot about being open, and what that means in terms of photography.   When people ask my about my approach, sometimes I am lost of for words, but I know it when I feel it.  I’m a very receptive and responsive person, so I would say that is part of my approach.  I am the definition of an empath, which means I’m always feeling what other people feel, therefore I always want people to feel comfortable and relaxed, and like we are in this together.  That is truly my approach.  I’m a believer in the idea that photography is not just about the photographer, it’s really about the relationship between the photographer and the subject, which is what I think sets me apart. There are so many great photographers out there, no doubt, and I admire so many of them, but when I really look at what makes me me, it’s not technical, it’s about personal connection.  It’s about the fact that I genuinely develop a relationship with my subjects, and want them to feel the best they have ever felt in front of my lens, but what that requires is an active participation on my subjects part.  That’s essentially what I am getting at here, with Brianne and Alex.  They are just so lovely in so many ways, and they really opened themselves to me in a way that allowed for the day to have a very natural and beautiful feel.  Not only were they open with me, but with each other.  I know that sounds obvious when talking about a couple, but many people feel shy in front of the camera, or feel a little more private, so they can close up a little in public, but not Brianne and Alex.  They shared the thing that exists between in a room full of people, and I was there to make photos with them, as an active participant, which brought such sweet results. They also shared a lot about their vision for the day prior to their wedding, which really gave me a sense of their aesthetic, and really added another layer for me as well.  I knew they had a very modern and minimalist take, which was such a fun little challenge for me to incorporate into the day, since shooting in Brooklyn, can be anything but minimal.  At the end of the day, I think it came out so lovely, and there is just so much emotion in the photos that makes me so happy.  I love looking at the whole set and seeing how happy they are, and how much they really enjoyed their celebration, and stayed true to who  they are.   Last but not least, the thing that blows this lovely little story out of the water, is that Alex designed these rings for Brianne, a set of three, one to represent the past, one for the present, and one for the future.  Not only is it his design, but he even attempted to make them himself, until he realized that it would be too difficult to set the diamond himself, whereupon he embarked on collaborating with a jeweler to get them made right.  I am seriously in love with the design, it’s just so modern and beautiful, yet still has a little classic feel to it.  If this couldn't get any better, they also had their cocktail hour at Jane's Carousel and invited all of their guests to join them on the ride! Congrats Brianne and Alex, I am so happy for you both, and thank you for inviting me to document your day!  




Venue: Smack Mellon

Planning and Design: Tinsel and Twine

Dress: Houghton

Bridesmaids Dresses: Rebecca Taylor

Groomsmen: Ben Sherman

Makeup: David Maderich

Suit: Brooklyn Tailors

Brides Shoes: Vince

Grooms Shoes: Paul Smith

Invitations Designed by Bride and Groom Printed by:  Swayspace

Rings: Designed by Groom and made by:  Ken & Dana Design

Lounge Furtniture: Patina Rentals

DJ: Beat Train

Cake: One Girl Cookies