Rhode Island Wedding Maggie+Ben

Maggie and Ben

Thank you for taking me to a place I have never been, and showing me how lovely Rhode Island is.  I seriously have so much to discover on the East Coast, and this was one of those magic moments, where you go in having no idea what to expect, and then end up just being completely blown away.  Also, thanks for being adventurous enough to climb up on those rocks to get the shot, I’m so psyched about that!  I love the willingness to participate in the making of images that aren’t easy to get, but yield a beautiful result.  Maggie and Ben are two of the most obviously intelligent people with big hearts, and lovely personalities!  Ben is from Rhode Island, which is part of why they chose the location, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to come along with them on this ride.  They had so many personal touches, like their friend that played the music for the ceremony, with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, and more friends who sang during the reception.  Ben's father made the Chuppa covered in a floral garland by Michelle Bablo.  Last but not freaking least!!! This bad ass bride made their rings, and I can't even believe it!! She went to The Bloomfield School in Gowanus to learn to carve wax and cast them herself.  Yeah no big deal!  Love you guys!  Thanks so much again for having me and my awesome second photographer Brendan!  We both had a blast!  





Venue: Glen Manor House

Dress: Sarah Seven

Rings: Made by the bride at The Bloomfiled School

Brides Accessories: Gibson Bespoke

Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Suit: Doyle Mueser

Flowers & Staionary: Michelle Bablo