Public NYC Wedding Ali+Mark

Everything about this wedding screams cool NY bride and groom.  This year has been such a whirlwind already, and I’m just feeling the love.  Really and truly, I couldn’t have asked for a better lineup of fabulous brides and fabulous grooms!  I’m pretty honored that these cool kids chose me, and that they were such a blast to work with!  Both of them work in fashion, and since Mark is an editor at GQ, he had the great luxury of having his suit tailored by GQ’s fashion department, like the ones who work on all of the cover models, super cool! Meanwhile Ali, who works at Eileen Fisher, also had some great perks of having her friend come and do her make up, and her sister who was able to pull off that great stationary.  Not only that, but how about those shoes!  I could die for her cool downtown chic look, and just love that she pulled off something very fashionable, yet wearable.  I love a bride who can pull off such an effortlessly chic look, while strolling the streets of the Lower East Side with her new husband!  Congrats Ali+Mark, you are a joy!

Venue: Public NYC

Dress+Shoes: Rachel Comey

Suit: Todd Snyder

Rings: Anna Sheffield and Mociun

Flowers+Flower Crown: Stone Fox Bride

Succulents: The Sill

Stationary: Brides sister

Hair: Fringe Salon

Hotel: The Ludlow