NYC Fashion Shoot

This photo shoot is nothing but pure fun, beautiful clothing, and retro futuristic inspiration!  Samantha reached out to me, saying that she found me doing some research for a friends wedding, and then came to decide she wanted to do a photo shoot with me herself!  I get a lot of emails from total strangers, so I never quite know what I'm getting into before hand, and this was a very welcome and pleasant surprise.  Samantha is an unbelievably genuine and sweet person with a penchant for fashion, and looking to expand her blogging career, so she thought a little collab together would be a great way to take things to the next level.  All of the clothing seen in this shoot is from her own collection, and the man with her in the photos is her husband, who also loves a well cut suit, so no problem sourcing there!  I loved working with them, and feel so honored to have gotten do this project, as it has such a different feel from the work I usually do!  Big big thanks to my friends Thea of Hushed Commotion my awesome assistant Brianna, and Patina Rentals for loaning me some of the awesome props including the retro style wonder chair featured in the final shots!  Hair and makeup by Johnny Gonzalez