Lower East Side Engagement Lindsay+Liran

I’m going to make a bold statement here, and say, the Lower East Side is my favorite place to do engagement shoots.  That doesn’t mean I want to do all of my shoots here, it’s more about the fact that when I shoot there, there is just so much that lends itself to telling a story about people who live and love in New York.  The photos end up having this narrative quality that just kills me, and makes me feel so happy that I get to tell these stories about people in love and that are at one of the happiest points in their lives, and I get to be the person that tells that story in photographs with my own twist on what I think it means to capture that.  I met Lindsay and Liran a while back at an open house, so didn’t even have a clear memory of them when they reached out to me via email, but they knew they wanted to work with me, so we set up an engagement shoot in their absolute favorite neighborhood, and went to all of their favorite most iconic places in the LES.  When I showed up, I was a little worried about how much taller they were then me, but as you can see, we worked it out, and I love the story these images tell about who they are and how much they are true partners in crime living it up in NYC!