Coney Island Engagement Thea+Michael

This is a very special engagement of my dear friend Thea of Hushed Commotion and her super awesome fiancé Rachit.  Thea was one of the first people I met in the wedding industry that I clicked with right away.  We were fast friends and have since made so many awesome projects together, that it’s such a pleasure to be invited to document this next chapter in her life as she gets ready to marry her one and only!  The most awesome part of their story is that they met on twitter!  I can’t even begin to explain how awesome I think that is!  We often collaborate and discuss ideas together, so naturally we discussed her engagement shoot, and came up with this awesome idea of a small road trip in a vintage car, since she loves all things vintage, and Rachit loves cars!  We borrowed my friends ’63 Thunderbird and hit the road to Coney Island to celebrate with a  bottle of champagne and the sweet little cookies made by one of her close friends!  Of course as an accessory designer, she incorporated some of her pieces as seen with her bow belt and small flower pins in her hair! I love everything about this shoot, and so excited to be sharing with you today!





Location: Coney Island

Hair: Styles on B

Makeup: Nicole Sievers

Accessories: Hushed Commotion

Car: Big Thanks to Colleen for the loan!