California Dreaming

This is a story about friends, childhood, and growing up.  As some might know, I spent a bit of time out in my homeland of California this past winter.  I shot a wedding there, and caught up with old friends, and enjoyed the sights and smells of what is California.  One of the best parts was catching up with Captain Olivia, and my dear friend Michelle.  The lovely lady operating the airplane is my friend Olivia, aka Captain Olivia.  We have known each other since the 3rd grade, and she is a lawyer now.  Michelle and I met in the 7th grade. I asked her if I could stay at her house when there was going to be a school dance, since I lived so far out of town on the farm.  I needed a crash pad, and she said, "Yes."  That night, we stayed up all night, listening to XCAPE, yes it was the early 90's. Since then, we have all embarked on separate paths, but stay connected even too many years later to mention.  When Olivia invited us on this trip, Michelle and I were both thrilled!  I didn't realize until later, how many people were frightened by the proposition of flying in a tiny airplane with friends, but neither of us batted an eye, and enjoyed flying over our homeland ofCalifornia with one of our oldest friends in the captains seat! This was seriously one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had, jumping in a plane with a rad lady I've known for this long, and seeing her operate an airplane and flying around was amazing and inspiring for so many reasons!  Love you both!