Brooklyn Engagement Reva+Anson

Engagement shoots are in full swing over here, and since we are on the topic, I will say that another favorite type of engagement shoot is when the couple invites me over for a special sunday brunch in their home!!  This is Reva and Anson, who did not want to do an engagement shoot that was not representative of who they are, which is not something I do anyways, but they really felt strongly about staying true to who they are, and what better place then your own home to document some lasting memories of this special time together.  Since Anson is the resident cook, he whipped up this beautiful spread for Reva, and was kind enough to share some of his perfect scrambled eggs with me, which I might add is a very special trait my friends.  If you find someone to not only cook for you, but also knows how to make the perfect egg dish, they are a keeper!!! Since Reva gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor, she is resident cocktail maker, so they are the perfect Sunday brunch match!!  As you can see, she is also sporting her very on trend, Totes getting married bag, from her super awesome wedding planner Jove Meyer!  Looking forward to working with you all!