Brooklyn Engagement Kim+Hunter

 So here is a fun little story!  Have you ever thought to yourself as you're getting ready to jump on a long flight, hmmmm??? Maybe I'll sit down next to a cute guy or girl, and we'll hit it off, and maybe they'll be my soul mate??  Well guess what!?  This is Kim and Hunter, and they met on an airplane sitting next to each other, and then it turned out, they lived only a few blocks from each other, and so began a romance that soon became an engagement!  They'll be getting married next year at the Wythe Hotel!  There is is so much to say about this shoot!  First, this has been one of the best fall season's we have had in a long time!!  I wish that this weather and color palette could last forever, because as you can see, it has treated me well this!  Second, this was one of those drizzly overcast days, which I love, but it's not always how people picture their engagement photos, so I had to check in with them to make sure they were cool with that, as you can see, they were down!  Overcast days, just make the colors pop so much, and it's so easy on the skin!! I just love how much the colors come through, as well as how easy they were to work with!!  As I've said man times before, so much of photography is about trust, and you really have to surrender to get good shots!! If you are busy worrying about anything, it will come through in the photos, so you want to make sure you trust your photographer, and that you get to have a good time!  New York City is gritty, and you have to embrace it!   That's very much a part of my credo when it comes to shooting here, you have to work with it, and accept it, which did not come naturally to me at first, but now I love it!  I'm from California, where everything is beautiful, and here it's a concrete jungle and you have to learn to embrace it. Now, when I shoot here, it's like this fun little challenge every time to make it fresh, make it fun, and make it feel as alive as it is.  I love these photos so much because I really feel like it looks like Brooklyn, it looks like their neighborhood, it's their train line that sometimes gets shut down, and you just have to make the best of this life, and embrace it all!  The best part of this story his how they met!! 


Congrats Kim and Hunter!