Brooklyn Engagement Dana+Danny

This is Dana and Danny, they are engaged and will be celebrating their marriage next May at Brooklyn Winery!  They live in Carroll Gardens, and decided they would take me on a grand tour of their neighborhood.  I have been there many times, but seeing it through the eyes of a couple that live there and love their neighborhood is so much more fun!  To kick off our afternoon, we started in their awesome apartment that they have both put a lot of work into and have added many super cool personal touches to!  How about that awesome geometric wall!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that! I love love love, pattern on pattern, so when Dana stepped out in her own awesome geometric dress, and amazing shoes to go, I knew it was going to be an awesome day!  Danny complimented the look by keeping his own attire low key and casual.  When I shoot, I like to walk around and see where beautiful light and interesting locations meet to make the shoot happen.  I don't like to labor over it too much, because amazing things can happen, when you let yourself have a little adventure.  We knew we would hit up a few key spots, but then found other awesome spots along the way!  I told them to meet during late afternoon, because I knew that that would be prime time for some beautiful light, and now with fall here, it has an even more beautiful quality that I am obsessed with! When we found this giant concrete wall, and random fence, with a string of lights going across it, I couldn't resist.  It's the kind of thing that I'm sure people walk past every day, and never notice, but it became like their own private stage, with lovely light scraping across the edges.  From there, we found this blue tile wall, with amazing light bouncing around everywhere, which became another perfect backdrop to compliment their look once again.  We also hit up Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, of which I have never been!  Such a cute place, and again, pattern on pattern!  To get some nicenatural images, we also went to a nearby park to catch the last of the waning light shining down on them through the trees.   From there, we headed on over to Sugar Shop, another colorful spot, full of sweets and treats for those with a sweet tooth!  The giant candy lips were a hit, and we used them for a couple shots in the shop, and against the awesome mural around the corner from their house!  This shoot was so fun, and I'm happy I get to share it with you today!