Brooklyn Boudoir Session

I have been dying to do this shoot for so long, and I’m excited to finally show you all this work!! What do you think of boudoir photo sessions??

Do you like the idea, but haven’t seen any that might be a good fit?  Do you feel shy, but secretly wish you could do it?  I think a lot of people would love this little world we dreamed up, and could see themselves doing something like this.  When I spoke with Corrin from Starling on Bond, we knew we wanted to do something that seemed a little more accessible than just the regular old T&A shots people are used to associating with these types of shoots.  This has more romance, softness, and room for imagination.  We wanted to do something that felt sexy, but was more about the mood, the light, and the styling.  I have to say the hair and makeup gals knocked this one out of the park.  Of course our lovely models really brought their A game, so it wasn’t too hard to bump it up a small notch.  I’m of course obsessed with the watercolor backdrop Corrin made for the shoot, and I can see more people getting really into this!    Of course my one of my favorite ladies in the industry came by with all of her amazing accessories and really tied the whole thing together.  Thea of Hushed Commotion always brings her A game, and I’m obsessed with the veil that Grace is wearing in the first set up!  Those tiny gold flowers coming down the veil are just too cool!  Definitely check out everyone on this roster, and reach out if you think you might wanna give something like this a shot!  Obviously that floral shawl is to die, and we can't wait to see more ladies incorporate this into their shoots!! Thanks so much for following along friends! 



Design, Styling & Floral: 

Starling on Bond 

Hair: Sara June 

Make-up: Shari Cohen 

Veils & Accessories: Thea Bloch-Neal 

Lingerie: Iris Lingerie

Dyed Robes: Cara Piazza

Venue: The Sky Gallery 

Models in order of appearance: 

Grace Courvoisier 

Tara Nicolas

Hannah Wolff