Blue Hill at Stone Barn Wedding // Lexi + John

This couple, this day, this venue! Blue Hill at Stone Barns is pretty much one of the greatest places you can get married in the Hudson Valley! I love the colorful florals and the whimsical styling of this wedding, and we couldn't have been happier to have our associate photographers Shannon and Carly on this one! Congrats to Lexi and John, we wish you all the best!!

Venue: Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Planner: Baton NYC

Stationery: Greenwich Letterpress

Cake: Blue Hill at Stone Barns



501 Union Wedding // Roni + Jake

Dear Roni and Jake, we heart you. Thank you for hosting a smashing party in the heart of Brooklyn with Leah at the helm! This party was nothing short of amazing, and we couldn’t be happier to work with you. We will remember this one forever, and wishing you all the best! This one shot, by Shannon and Carly for AGP. These ladies crushed it! So proud of our crew right now!



Team AGP

Venue: 501 Union 

Planner: Color Pop Events 

Catering: Purslane Catering

Florist: Sachi Rose Floral Design

Stationary: Lion in the Sun

Dress: A La Robe

Suit: Suit Supply

Rings: Grace Lee

Hair: Styles on B

Makeup: Pre Dame

Pioneer Works Wedding//Meredith and Jason

Well, this wedding was such a special treat, as when Meredith reached out to me, she didn’t even have a date set, but she knew she wanted to work with me! Once her and Jason set the date and location, we marked it in the calendar, and I couldn’t be happier! The two of them chose Pioneer Works for the big day, and it was a truly gorgeous setting. They are two of the loveliest people I’ve worked with, and I loved hearing all about their very funny meeting, and how Jason left her a very long voicemail asking her out, after getting her number from his mom! You just never know how things are going to work out, and this is one of those special stories! I’m always a little sad once everything is over, because I’ve just spent a year getting to know people, and then I get attached, but it’s all done. I always hope I get to see my clients again the future, and it’s no different with these two! I’m wishing you all the best Meredith and Jason!



Venue: Pioneer Works

Floral Design: Lewis Miller Design

Catering: Olivier Cheng Catering & Events

Dress:  Carol Hannah ; Maria Lucia Hohan

Suit: Black Lapel

Shoes: Nina Shoes ; Nicholas Kirkwood

Hair: Nikki Avanzino

MUA: Virginia Linzee

Band: Baby Soda Jazz BandElan Artists

Portugal Travel Story Part 2

After wrapping up our last evening in Madrid, we flew to Faro on a small commuter plane the next morning, and arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to our next destination in Lagos. A place where all my dreams are made of. We had a pretty packed itinerary from our landing point, so this, was our chance to rest. Alex and Avtar stayed behind for a couple of extra days, and Shawn and I jetted off to the land of chill.  Upon arrival to the Vila Graciosa, our host Susana welcomed us and made is feel instantly at home. Truly, the best part of Portugal, are the people. They are some of the truly kindest most lovely people I have come across. It felt like we made so many friends on our trip, and I’m excited to share with you, the little gems we came across.

After exploring Lagos, and finding a local Fado joint in town, we got a few tips from Susana about where to go. Our first day, we went to Praia do Mos, a beach nearby, but it was crazy packed, and the coldest ocean water I have ever set foot in. This is definitely something to be aware of if you don’t like cold water. The Algarve region is known for it’s stunning beaches, but they can be very crowded, and insanely cold. Luckily Susana pointed us towards a little beach about 30 minutes from where we were staying. We rented a car for the Portugal portion of our adventure, since, it’s the best way to get around if you are planning on going to multiple locations off the beaten path. We ended up at a little beach, just outside of Sagres, called Praia do Castelejo. It’s definitely a surfer beach, and there were quite a few surf classes happening that day, but it was by far way less crowded than the Praia do Mos. Sagres is also a really cute town, that I would definitely look into staying in the next time around.

Our last day in Lagos, we booked a trip to sail around the beautiful rock formations that are what the area is known for. Low and behold, they are also known for having rocky sea’s that you can’t actually sail in often, due to the conditions. Our tour was canceled, so we spoke to a woman on the dock, who told us, we could go on a smaller boat with a pirate, who knew the seas well, and of course, we said yes, that sounds like agreat idea! Francisco our pirate captain was an old school sea man, so we knew were in good hands. That did not mean, we did not think it was a bit insane once we were out there. We were on a tiny speed boat, in super choppy waters, surrounded by massive rock formations. At one point, he approached a very small opening in the rocks, as the sea rocked our boat back and forth, thinking he would not actually try to go through. He did, and we all couldn’t believe we came out alive. In the end, he was hilarious, and it was worth risking our lives for. Haha. I don’t think it was that dangerous, but it felt like it.

My biggest obsession in Lagos, was the light. It felt like we were in a movie every time we walked out at sunset. The thing about that area, is that there are not many high buildings, and there are light colors everywhere, and beaches for miles. That means the light is just bouncing off of everything around there, and creating an incredible visual. The time of year also meant it stayed light until almost 9 pm, it was completely magical. It also had this interesting quality of sort of flattening space, and making what would otherwise be a banal suburban setting, seam so much more than. These are some of the few images I caught before we left town.

Lagos Tips

Sleep: Vila Graciosa best place to relax ever. Say hi to Susana.

Eat: The Pintos humble eatery, off the beaten path, get the whole grilled fish. Find some seafood and rice somewhere else, that was one of the other best meals we had, but can't remember where. We also went a local shop, and stocked up on charcuterie, cheese, fruits, wine, olive oil, and bread. The spicy chorizo is amazing! The fruit there is lovely! The oranges were some of the best I have ever had. 

Beach: Praia do Castelejo

To Do: Find Francisco the pirate and go on a boat ride :)

Douro Valley

The next leg of our adventure was a road trip north up to the Douro Valley, which has been named a Unesco World Heritage site and is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. That means lots of wine tasting, and magical terrain. The drive alone from the south to north was amazing. The landscape really changes a lot from region to region, as the south is much more of a desert scape, while the further north you go, it becomes much more lush and verdant. The rolling hills in Pinhao, where we stayed were incredible. The hills form the valley, surrounding the Douro river. The history of the region alone is pretty incredible. Needless to say, we went on several wine and port tasting tours, a river cruise, and to some local joints in this incredibly quaint small town. We even did a day trip to a small town, that looked like time stood still, and nothing has changed for 100’s of years. 

Douro TipsWine Tourism in Portugal We had an agent book our hotel, tours, and boat ride to simplify things. This is the company we used.

Sleep: Quinta De La Rosa


Last but not least, is Lisbon. The oldest city in western Europe. Even though we planned this big trip, at the end of the day, none of us really knew that much about Portugal, so it became this mystery that unraveled during our trip. Of course we knew the basics of it’s history as a major colonizer, but nothing that related to present day life. Why was it the lesser known of Western Europe? Why are Italy, Spain, and France such bigger destinations, that were all places we could each name something about. I’m the type of person who likes to go on adventures not knowing much before hand, and getting the chance to discover some things along the way. Portugal, was a lovely place to do this. Lisbon is a quickly changing place, as tourism has boomed in the last few years, so I really hope for the sake of the Portuguese that they are able to hold onto the things that make it a special place, with kind and lovely people. By the time we got to Lisbon, we were going on week 3 of travel, so I did not get to experience as much as I liked, as I also got very sick the last couple of days I was there, but I still enjoyed my time there greatly, and can't wait to go back!

Lisbon Tips


Bairro do Avillez Delicious, trendy restaurant, with Michelin rated chef, at modest prices :)

Time Out Lisbon Kind of insane, and full of tourists, but worth a stop.

A Cevicheria We did not make it here, but also came highly recommended by many people


The Mill Oddly enough, coffee is not great in Portugal, but things are staring to happen there, so if coffee is very important to you, this is the place to go. We made several friends here :)


Park Trendy rooftop bar. Also a bit crazy, but a nice view, and if you get there early, you might get a seat.

Pensao Amor A local favorite. Everyone told us this was the best bar in Lisbon, but we went at an off time, so not much going on. I think it's more of a late night scene.

To Do

LX Factory Cool area with shops, restaurants, rooftop bar, and street art.

Amoieras Shopping Mall We went here because it's the highest point in Lisbon, and you can get a really nice overall view of the city. It's 5 Euro to go up.

Day Trip to Sintra/ We did not end up doing this, but everyone everywhere told us it was a must.


Thanks for reading friends! I hope you get a chance to go, and experience this beautiful country!




Spain Travel Story Part 1

Last year my friends and I talked about going to Portugal, but it never went down. At the beginning of this year we made a pact to make it happen, and put it in our calendars in January as part of our new year’s resolution! I always say, you gotta have it in the calendar if you want to make it happen! This trip ended up being a trip to both Spain and Portugal, so this is part one, where we started off in the Basque country of San Sebastian, Spain. 

To give you a little background on how this all began, two years ago, we got an insane deal for roundtrip tickets to Milan for $400 a person, so needless to say, we scooped those up real quick. We ended up turning that into an epic journey, that my boyfriend and I ended up taking both of our mom’s to Italy with us, and met up with our friends in Tuscany for wine tasting, day trips, and relaxation. This is all to say, the same friends we traveled with in Italy, are the same friends we traveled with to Spain and Portugal. Now known as the triple A club, plus Shawn, my person, partner in crime, romantic affiliate! Haha! I hate the word boyfriend, and I saw someone use that the other day, and I’m going with it. My friends Alex and Avtar are the triple A club members, as we are all A names. Our fifth parter in crime Alina, joined us along the way in Lisbon, which will come later. For now, I’ll share some meets about Spain, the Basque country, and some of the magic we found there. 

Our itinerary started off by flying into Bilbao, and arriving in the early evening. We bought tickets to the Guggenheim for the next morning and ended up spending 5 hours there. The building itself, is designed by Frank Gehry and is incredible in it of itself, and the Bill Viola retrospective was on display which held our attention for a very long time, while we waited for the rain to stop. I highly recommend getting tickets in advance, as you won’t have to wait in line in the rain if that should be the case, which apparently it rains all the time there. We had reservations for dinner that night at Martin Berasategui, so we hoped on a bus to San Sebastian to check into our Air bnb. The four of us headed out for a pretty insane dinner, that ended being a 4 hour long, 14 course dinner, that we all wanted to explode after! Haha! 

I did not photograph any of these things, as I like to start my trips off slowly, before diving into photo mania. I’m glad I did, since my photos of dinner, would be sort of boring for you, but it was definitely an experience worth having. San Sebastian is known for it’s very serious culinary scene, as it has more michelin rated restaurants per capita, than anywhere else in the world. This is all to say, you really can’t go wrong there. San Sebastian is known for its pintxos, which is the Basque take on tapas. We also learned that the regional wine they are known for is txakoli, which is very similar to vino verde from Portugal. Overall, it was extremely lovely, and if you tell anyone you are going there, they will be green with envy! It is the gold standard of European vacation destinations. I knew it was a well loved region, but did not realize how much love Europe feels for this little region. I think our favorite part of this trip, was hiking up the hillside, to the top of the Jesus statue, where you can get a really nice view of the city. Most of my photos are from that day. One thing I will say, is that there we quite a few older people out and about, dressed to the nines, and it was a very refreshing site to see so many seniors out living their best life. Below are links to things we enjoyed.


Bilbao To Do:


Eat Drink San Sebastian:

Drinka Really cute restaurant/bar. Delicious hidden spot, not in the center of town, was my favorite, and close to our Air bnb.

Martin Berasategui Epic 14 course tasting menu, make reservations, months in advance.

La Cuchara de San Telmo Was crazy, but we enjoyed it.

La Cepa The best pintxo bar we went to!! The bar tender was a sweetheart!


Airbnb Link



After our visit to San Sebastian, we took the train down to Madrid, for a couple of nights, and I have a few fun tips!

 We ended up staying in the Times Square of Madrid, which is not as bad as it sounds, hahaha! It makes me realize why everyone wants to go to Times Square now though. Essentially, when you only have a limited amount of time, centrality is key! It ended up being super convenient to everything we wanted to do. Pro tip, Madrid is EMPTY in August!! Most of Europe is on vacation in August, which means, some places are insanely overrun with tourists, while others empty out, and everything shuts down!! Luckily, we only spent two days there, but it was actually quite enjoyable. The weather was perfect, the scene was mellow, and it felt like we had the whole city to ourselves. We were lucky enough that both Alex and Avtar had some friends there that gave us some good tips on places to go, and things to do. It was also nice to feel like we had a bit of a social agenda, getting the chance to meet up with locals. We also did a great little wine and tapas tour, which ended up being the 4 of us, plus one gentleman from England! I have found that doing these types of culinary/wine tours is a great way to get the lay of the land when abroad, and learn a lot in the process. The people that give these types of tours are always amazing, incredibly informed, and super fun! I can’t speak highly enough about our guide Caroline! 

Eat Drink Madrid

Mercado de San Miguel A lovely indoor food market, with lots of nice food, and what places like Chelsea Market are modeled after. 

Casa Macareno  A really lovely tapas bar, with cute people, yummy food, and good vibes.

Jose Alfredo Lovely cocktail lounge.

Devour Food Tour Really fun wine and tapas tour we did.

To Do:

Palacio Real de Madrid Royal Palace of Madrid


Praktik Metropol In the city center, and convenient, but there are better options!


Deer Mountain Inn Wedding//Christen + Andrew

I’ve said it many times, but intimate weddings, are truly some of the best celebrations! When Christen contacted me about her 12 person wedding at Deer Mountain Inn, I was hooked! The location, the story, everything about it was perfect. She was such a relaxed bride, and it was so nice to arrive, and have everything all worked out, since it was only going to be 12 people, including the bride and groom. Everyone was in such good spirits, and when there are only 10 guests in attendance, everyone really gets to be a part of the big day! I’ve never seen so many impromptu speeches at a dinner table, but that’s what happens when you are with your closest friends and family at one long dinner table! Thank you Christen and Andrew, we loved capturing your beautiful celebration!




Venue: Deer Mountain Inn

Catering: Deer Mountain Inn

Baker: Becky Kempter 

Florist: Jarita's Flowers

Stationary: Minted

Dress: Schone Bride

Suit: Indochino

Shoes: Free People

Earrings: Avigail Adams

Flower Crown: Emily Rose Flower Crowns

Music: Eric Erickson

Dobbin St. Wedding// Kelsey + Samara

Some people are magic. These are two of them. I knew when we first chatted over the phone, that this was going to be fun!!!! From Kelsey’s belly laugh to Samara’s wit, it was clear they were an unstoppable pair. Their theme was “Golden Girls, meets Jurassic Park”, and anyone who can pull that off, is A OK in my book.  When people like this come my way, I know I’m doing the right thing! I’m here to help capture memories for people who want to celebrate LIFE, and truly have a blast on their big day. I adore these two so so much, and want to give them a big huge thank you, for inviting me to be a part of your special day!!! You are true blue ladies!!! To many more good years for you!!




Venue: Dobbin St.

Planner: Melissa McNeeley

Catering: Fig & Pig 

Baker: Petee's Pie Co.

Florist: Alexandra Abuza

Stationary: Lion in the Sun

Event Decor: Melissa McNeely

Dress: Rivini

Suit: Bindle & Keep

Hair:  Face Time Beauty

MUA: Jessa Blades

Maroon Bells Wedding/Kyle and Ginger Get Married

My sister got married, and it pretty much looks like a post card dream. Being on this side of weddings is so different. I learned a lot about what a bride experiences during her planning process, and it’s fascinating. My sister and mom came out to NY last fall to do some dress shopping to see what we could find. One thing no one tells you that when you try on wedding dresses, is that you have to go into a tiny dressing room with your attendant and strip naked, so they can help you put the dress on. That was a surprise to all of us! Regardless, we had fun hitting up some of the usual suspects for boho bridal shops in NYC. We had some really fun experiences, and some not so much. In the end, Ginger was not comfortable in a typical wedding gown. My family is pretty low key, and not a big fan of too much attention, I think we all share that in common. In the end, we ended up hitting up a vintage shop in Bushwick, and found an amazing traditional Guatemalan skirt that my sister felt suited her better. My mom is Guatemalan, and both of us lived there for a time as kids, so our background became the jumping off point for the wedding. She sourced lots of great pieces from Etsy, and even found her now husband Kyle a beautiful tie made from traditional Guatemalan fabric.  In the end it was a very intimate family affair, with only 40 guests in total. Everyone pitched, including Kyle’s dad who made all the food! My mom did the floral pieces, and sourced a lot of the items as well. My lovely boyfriend officiated, and did an amazing job. He definitely impressed me :) Clearly Maroon Bells was not too shabby! Congrats Ginger and Kyle!

NYC Elopement//Charley + Marcus

When Charley reached out about her elopement, I was so delighted to hear about her plans with her longtime partner Marcus. They had been together for 15 years, and engaged for 5, and planning a secret elopement in NYC with just a few of their family members! I love intimate elopements, as it’s such  fun opportunity to focus on just the couple and a few close friends or family members. Charley also happens to be a well known wedding blogger and planner in London called London Bride, so it was an extra special treat to have her reach out to me, as those of us in the industry are even more particular about certain details.  Needless to say, Charley and Marcus pulled off a really special little celebration in Dumbo, and I couldn’t be more more happy for them! Congrats to you both!



Location: Brooklyn Bridge

Planner: London Bride

Florist: Saipua

Dress: Elie Saab 

Shoes: Charlotte Mills

Flat: Charlotte Olympia

Veil: Otaduy

Suit: Alexander McQueen 

Bowtie: Marwood London

Pocket Square: Daisy Sheldon

Hair & MUA: Jackie Schneider 

Band:  The James Zeller Trio

Yellow Cab: Film Cars

The Ruin Venue Wedding//Desert Mirage on the Moon

As you may have noticed, I have very much slowed down on the amount of styled shoots I’m doing these days, since it really takes so much time, work, and true collaborative vision. I love doing these types of shoots, because it gives me an opportunity to do something that might not otherwise be visible in the bridal world.  For me, this is my chance to create something that I want to see more of: to be bold, to be dreamy, and to shake things up a bit.This shoot was a truly a labor of love shot with my dear friend Katie of Going Steady Studios.  We both had been dying to do something beautiful out in Joshua Tree, and we collaborated on this lunar vision, that is both other worldly and a total dream. Her vision was desert mirage, and she incorporated mirrors into the shoot to pull in that theme. Of course the colors of this shoot kill me, and our models, THE MODELS. They slayed this shoot.  I’ve been holding onto this one for so long, that revisiting it feels like a dream.  I can’t believe how much I love these images, and adore how everything came together. Big big thanks to the guys over at The Ruin Venue for having us, as well as to my friend Erica at Lovely Bride, who made sure I got my dream dresses from Odylyne the Ceremony.  I have been dying to shoot their pieces for so long, and this couldn’t have been more perfect!  Of course, I’m thrilled that Green Wedding Shoes shared this shoot, check it out here as well!




Photographer:  Amber Gress

Venue: The Ruin Venue

Florals and Design: Going Steady Studios

Dress: Odylyne the Ceremony

Dress Boutique: Lovely Bride

Hair: Tanya Marie

Makeup: Olya K Tizer

Model: Model Mayhem

Models: Rebecca Amahayes & Charles Osuala

Fitzcarraldo Elopement in Bushwick// Flavia + Nico

These two lovely souls, braved 23 degree weather and high winds to get some of these shots.  Nico hails from Italy, and Flavia from Venezuela.  This beautiful and intimate event all took place at Fitzcarraldo in Bushwick, in my very own neighborhood! When they reached out to me, I couldn’t have been more excited to shoot in my own hood! I love the intimacy and laid back style that they brought to their day, and how about the giant tiramisu cake! I’ll take some please! Congrats Nico+Flavia, thanks for having us!



Venue: Fitzcarraldo

Baker: Martha's Country Bakery

Florist: Sprout  

Dress: Anthropologie

Suit: JCrew

Travel Opportunity with Scarlet Macaw Trips

Who wants to go to Cartagena, Colombia, but doesn’t have time to plan their own trip! My dearest friend Sahara Borja has just launched an amazing travel service, Scarlet Macaw Trips, geared towards conscious travelers, that want to have more meaningful and culturally relevant experiences abroad! She’s booking amazing trips to Cartagena Colombia for this August, and is doing an all inclusive rate at a bargain! Check out her new site, and get at her! She is truly one of the most amazing brilliant women I know, and this is not a sponsored post! This is because I believe in her, and she is magic.  Don’t miss out!!! 

Some words about what they are doing. 
Scarlet Macaw Trips is a social purpose travel effort that emphasizes a rich cultural experience while empowering local communities in Cartagena, Colombia. This August we're taking you to Cartagena for 7 days and 8 nights and organizing your stay into a series of mini-adventures that range from seriously relaxing (hammocks, coconuts) to adventurous and immersive (cultural lunch-and-learns).

You'll experience the city's most relevant spots, you'll get a chance to dip your toes in clear blue waters, you'll (try to) dance like a local, and you'll get your Omega 3s on the daily with fresh seafood from the Caribbean.


This trip seeks to give you a direct line to the beauty of the region while offering intercultural exchanges at various junctures throughout the week for an opportunity to dialogue and to get to know some of your global neighbors, many of whom made their way to Cartagena from other regions in the country because of the country's prior civil conflict.

Built into the itinerary of ALL THINGS FUN AND BRIGHT, we think it's important to facilitate a lunch-and-learn in La Boquilla, an Afro-Colombian fishing village just outside the tourist center where we'll be chatting with Peace Corps volunteers and their students. We'll also interact with the folks from FUNSAREP, a local nonprofit that empowers women through art and group therapy and provides assistance in a variety of ways that is not available through the state. We met one of our guest speakers,Gavelys, at FUNSAREP.

Check it out guys, and happy travels!





NY World's Fair Engagement//Charlsie+Jeremy

Not only are these two adorable, fun, and just the best! They also chose one of the most unique locations for an engagement shoot to date. I cannot express to you, how much this makes my heart sing.  I love Central Park and all, but this, this my friends, is where it’s at.  Who else would choose the site of the 1964 NYC World’s Fair, as their engagement shoot location? I had never actually been to this location, so just the fact that this shoot took me to a new place, was enough for me.  They also love lemon ices, so we stopped there for one of their favorite treats before heading to our next location. I can’t thank them enough for bringing it on a cold NY day, with all smiles, good vibes, and good times. I can’t wait for your wedding day, see you in the fall!




Hudson Valley Wedding Private Residence//Julia + Jan

These two just warm my heart so much, and I’m so happy to finally be blogging this one.  This was on hot summer day, filled with love, sweat, and tears!!  Julia and Jan were introduced to me by way of our mutual friend and natural beauty expert Jessa Blades.  Last year, while Shawn (my partner) and I were on a weekend getaway upstate, we had the pleasure of paying these two a visit in their most adorable converted barn homestead.  Julia and Jan met in India, where I had recently traveled to, so that was a fun little connection.  After drinking tea, and meeting their cat, we walked around the property, and knew that the wedding was going to be amazing.  Sure enough, when July came around, Shannon and I couldn’t have been more delighted to work this most beautiful and relaxed wedding on their family farm.  Thanks so much Julia and Jan, we wish you all the best!




Venue:  Private Residence

Planner: Gina Maloney Events

Catering: Blue Mountain Bistro

Baker: Blue Mountain Bistro

Florist: Farmhand Flowers

Stationary: Paperfinger

Dress: Wtoo by Waters

Suit: Suitsupply

Bride's Shoes: Tory Burch

Groom's Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Hair: Salon Hudson

Makeup: Jessa Blades

The Green Building and Wythe Hotel Wedding//Erica + Michael

I’ll just say this, these two know how to party, and party they did at one of my favorite venues in New York!  If you’re planning a Brooklyn wedding any time soon, be sure to check out The Green Building.  On Erica and Michael’s wedding day, they planned to have the wedding in the garden, but the threat of rain was eminent, so luckily the venue was prepared and put up a white tent to make sure the wedding didn’t get rained out.  We couldn’t have had a better time with these two love birds, and I think it shows!  Some of my favorite portraits were taken on the handball court near by, and I love the minimal and gritty background it provides!  It’s always fun finding new places to shoot around the venue, and these shots prove anything is possible in Brooklyn!  




Venue: The Green Building 

Planner: Ashley M. Chamblin Events 

Hotel: Wythe Hotel

Catering: Pies 'n' Thighs

Baker: Milk Bar Bakery

Florist: Starling on Bond

Stationary: Fourteen-Forty

Dress: Ines Di Santo

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 

Hair: Marshall Lin

Make Up: Yelena K Beauty

Wedding Crashers Spring 2017

Guess what, Nancy, Shannon, and I will all be at Wedding Crashers this year! Come by and say hi, and find lots of other great vendors for your wedding day!  This year it will take place in both The Green Building and 501 Union. We'll be kicking it in 501 Union, showing off our albums, and films, so don't be shy!! To get $10 off your tickets, use the code AmberGress at the check out!  See you there! Follow the link for more info!

Podcast Interview with Jove Meyer

So I did a thing, and now it’s on the internet, and I’m scared to listen to it.  My dear friend Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events interviewed me for his podcast, covering all things weddings and more.  Clearly this is my first podcast interview, and I was so nervous, that I think I blacked out, and have no idea what I said on there, except that I know I talked a lot.  After it was done, I thought, did I talk too much??? Anyways, I had a lot of fun, I think, and hope you enjoy it.  Check out the links, and have a listen, and feel free to send in any questions!!