Bowery Hotel Wedding// Kaileigh + Grant

First and foremost, this is what I would consider a dream wedding and dream clients! These two were so kind, so chill, and sooooo stylish, I mean who are you??? How can we make more of you?? Seriously, The Bowery Hotel is a dream location! I highly recommend getting married here if you are looking into a classic NYC wedding with lots of style and loads of fun! Every single vendor they worked with was also amazing, I would highly recommend any of them, and if you copied everything they did, you would not be the first of my clients to follow in the footsteps of one of our past couples! Listen, I am giving you some golden wedding advice here, take heed my friends, and celebrate. Also, leather jackets are all the rage these days, and I LOVE the look! I love how it tones down the bridal look and gives it a little more edge. I’m hoping to see more of this trend in 2018. Thank you Kaileigh and Grant for being my dream clients! To see this featured in Brides, follow the link

Venue: The Bowery Hotel

Planner: Jove Meyer Events

Florist: Rebecca Shepard Floral Design

Stationary: Katie Fischer Design

Dress: Reem Acra

Leather Jacket: Free People hand painted by Janice Holden of Coastal Cottage Studio

Suit: Tom Ford

Shoes: Gucci

Clutch Purse: Alexander McQueen

Hair & MUA: Miss Harlequin

Cake: Milk Bar Bakery

Band: Moxie Jazz Quartet


Guatemala//Travel and Family Reunion


This is going to be long. I might start all of my travel posts like that, but this is different. This has everything to do with the personal nature of this post. My mom is from Guatemala, my dad is from California, of German, Irish, and other European decent. I lived in Guatemala when I was 5 and 6 years old with my grandma and two uncles. My family went back to California after a visit, but I did not. To this day, there is still some confusion as to how this was all decided, but I did one year of school there, and learned to speak Spanish, and forgot how to speak English. I have not been back to Guatemala since 1986. 

As you might imagine, this was a reunion of sorts, which included myself, my partner Shawn (I’m sure I’ve mentioned I hate the word boyfriend, because we are too old for that), and my mom, who has gone back regularly every couple of years. I barely traveled in my twenties, due to lack of funding if you will, and only started delving further into the our giant planet a few years ago. I finally decided it was time to make the proverbial pilgrimage back to the motherland, and I wanted to go with my mom so we could have the full family experience. My uncle Carlitos was kind enough to be our driver for the duration of the trip, so that’s how we got around. 

Our first stop was of course my grandmother’s house, where she lives in Guatemala City. Carlitos still lives with her, as does her domestic assistant and family friend Epifania, who was also around when my mom was growing up.

Going back was so crazy, because I remembered so much of it so vividly. I remembered the exact layout of the house, the pila in the backyard, which is what they use to hand wash clothes, and the garden, which was now overgrown due to my uncle Jorge having a major green thumb. We arrived late at night on Saturday, and everyone stayed up to greet us and offer us food, including mangos. After going to bed, we all got up the next day, and the first thing I did was ask to see some old photos, which they had so many, it was overwhelming, and exciting. I have just a couple to share with you, and yes that is me looking very excited for whatever it is that is happening there with all that blue eyeshadow and pom poms. Just above that inexplicable insanity is my parents on their wedding day. They actually got married in Guatemala, however many years ago that was now, but more than 35! 

After a thorough trip down memory lane, we had breakfast or lunch, depending on how you want to look at it, which consisted of black beans, hand made tortillas made fresh daily, yumm, pacaya, and fruits. This is what we ate almost every day. Haha! Guatemalan's are very simple when it comes to food, but it might just be my overly health conscious grandma as well. The photo just above, is of Carlitos when he was young, and my grandpa Alberto on the left. Just above that, are pics of my young grandma, looking very cute! Below, brunch, and grandma present day in her dining room.

Finally we  head out to Lake Atitlan, a well known lake about 3 hours from Guatemala city, and surrounded by 3 volcanoes. It’s an area that is known for the women who weave traditional mayan textiles, which is one of the things many people love about Guatemala. The textiles are truly amazing, and it’s really fun to see the similarities between different styles around the world, from India to Africa and beyond. The work they do is all done with natural dyes, and processes, and make for truly beautiful designs. 

This lovely young woman was so cool, and showed us how her and her collective work from cotton to final product. We loved talking to her, and supporting her business, and I hope to be back soon! The next morning, we were lucky enough to catch the cutest parade of the local kids, who were celebrating marimba day, which is the national instrument of Guatemala. They are all wearing their traditional clothing, and obviously having a very good time.

After spending a couple of days in Lake Atitlan, we decided to head out to Zunil, a remote mountain village just outside of Quetzaltenango, with volcanic activity, lending itself to be a natural steam bath destination. This is definitely not a huge tourist destination, but it was truly fascinating, as we got to see how the locals live and farm. The farming blew me away, and the area is known for being a great growing climate. It’s also very high in elevation, so there was a ton of low hanging fog, which added to the mystique. 

We stayed in a nice hotel overlooking the valley and steep farms, and the hotel is known for having private steam rooms in your hotel room. They are natural, and come from the volcanic activity all around the area, so it’s pretty lovely. Upon arrival we got a chance to see the local market, and purchase a few items my mom was excited about. Once we got to the hotel we had lunch, which was great, because they had one of the traditional dishes known as Pepian. It’s not the national dish, as they don’t have one, but it could be if they had one. It is essentially a stew, that is somewhat similar to molé, and has an array of veggies and meat. This dish is extremely delicious, and I highly recommend you try it if you get the chance.

After wrapping up our spa day, we headed back to Guatemala City, but not without stopping in Quetzaltenango, and saying hi to my mom’s cousins who live there. I would definitely go back to check out this city, it was rather charming, and one of the young girls in town was filming a little TV spot, and I asked her if I could photograph her and she said yes. Something to know about the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala, is that they do not like to be photographed, so it’s very important to ask permission before doing so. Child trafficking is also an issue in Guatemala which contributes to the desire not to be photographed, so proceed with caution and understanding. The only people I photographed, I asked directly or had an interaction that allowed me to know that is was ok. Otherwise, I just took large overall photographs to capture the scene. Almost everyone I asked, said no! Haha!

We finally got back to my Grandma’s, and even they don’t want to be photographed, they obliged, since you know it had been 30 years since I had seen them! I had to share just a few. 

Once again, we set out for our next destination, which was Antigua. The former capital of Guatemala, but was destroyed three times by earthquakes, so they moved it. Now it’s just an awesome historic town, that is a UNESCO heritage site, and a favorite among travelers. 

We only got to spend one night there, since our trip was unfortunately short, but we made the most of it by going on a little food tour given by some friends of friends who moved down there a few years ago. It was a great way to get to know more about the city, and see some hidden gems that we would not have otherwise seen. We highly recommend getting a tour from them if you’re in town. Here is a link to their website Antigua Foodie Tours. PS, the secret garden action in this town is crazy, including this amazing flower called, the Jade Vine. It is a turquoise flower guys!! What????? Discovering new and different Flora and Fauna are one of my most favorite parts of traveling. I always take in the plant life, just as much as the people, the food, and the culture.

Since this was such a run and gun trip, I left the food tour knowing I wanted to take some more pics before we left at Sunset. I was so glad I did, because there is so much beauty to see here, and I couldn’t leave without catching just a few more shots. Also, I promise, I’m not trying to get Shawn in a beer commercial! Haha.

The last leg of this trip was all about going to my uncle Jorge’s house in Cuilapa. This might have been the highlight of the trip. He and his wife put together the most beautiful lunch for us, I LOVED seeing his home, and his life. He really is obsessed with plants, but especially orchids and cacti. He is also an incredible painter, and showed us all the types of orchids he has in his garden. He took us up to his studio, and showed us some of his work, and book collections, and educated us about different Mayan Gods. After an insanely large lunch, his wife Wilma kept bringing out more stuff, including all kind of different fruit for us to try, which was amazing. One was the caimito, the purple and white one, which is known as milk fruit, another fruit rendition I’d never had was naranja con pepita, which is essentially oranges with ground up squash seed, like pumpkin seeds, but different. That was truly another level.  I am definitely sad, I did not take more pictures of his garden, but there just wasn’t enough time with all the eating and catching up there was to do. P.S. That pineapple below is the best I've ever had!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, I know it was long, and now that it’s done, I don’t really have any travel tips, other than letting you know that the main tourist destinations in Guatemala are Lake Atitlan, Antigau, and Tikal, which is where the Mayan Ruins, are. You should definitely go if you get the chance, but I’ll save that for another time! Also, eat all the fruit!!!!




LES Engagement // Sam + Matt

I have not posted an engagement session in a LONNNNGGG time, so I thought this little Lower East Side session would be a perfect way to kick of Valentine’s day! I love everything about this one, and how New York it feels. It feels like a time capsule of Sam and Matt’s lives, and that makes me happy. Wishing you all so much love!




The Foundry Wedding // Caity + Alex

This is from my last wedding of the year shot at the Foundry in LIC, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to shared this one with you today! Caity and Alex are one of those dream couples that just trusts the process the whole way through and manages to enjoy the heck out of every moment, while making everyone around them feel great along the way. Everyone who worked on this day commented over and over about how much we loved this couple, and that there couldn’t have been a better way to end out the year, than with such a lovely couple! Thanks so much to Jose Rolon for sending these beauts along, and to Lara my trustee second who rocked this one this me!



Venue: The Foundry

Planner: Jose Rolon Events

Catering: Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events

Florals: Ivie Joy Floral Arts + Events

Stationary: Al Stampa

Dress: Alexandra Grecco

Hair & MUA: FaceTime Beauty


The Wythe Hotel Wedding// Brad + Brian

Getting to work with clients like Brad and Brian is what makes our jobs and lives such a joy. When they reached out to us, we knew immediate that this was a fit, since they had a clear vision, and it involved have lots of FUN! No fuss, no muss, just a good time with their friends and family at The Wythe Hotel, one of our favorite venues! The love that they share comes through clearly in the photos captured by Shannon and Carly, and I am obsessed with the party pics, and the glow in the dark elements that they threw in, which clearly added to the celebration! Thanks for having us Brad and Brian! Congrats!




Venue: Wythe Hotel

Planner: Dawn Mauberret

Catering: Wythe Hotel

Florist: Honeysuckle Flowers

Stationary: Will Geddes

Suits: Freemans Sporting Club


The Asbury Hotel Wedding // Maria + Jenny

Well well, finally I get to share this amazing wedding with you!!! I know I say this a lot, but this was another one of my favorite weddings from last year!! Come on, look at their amazing style! Nothing makes me happier than a couple who let their personal style shine! From Jenny’s Rachel Comey jumper to Maria’s custom suit, and their precious little baby Rita!!! I am totally obsessed with these two, and I LOVED getting to discover Asbury Park, as I had never been there before, so this was a treat for me as well. From the colorful elements to the personal touches, I am just delighted to have worked with you both ladies! Wishing you and Rita all the best!



Venue: The Asbury Hotel

Planner: Jove Meyer Events

Catering: Cardinal Provisions

Florist: Farmer Meg's Digest

Stationary: Fourteen-Forty

Event Styling and Decor: Patina Rentals ; Recreation Center

Jumpsuit: Rachel Comey

Suit: The Tailory New York

Shoes: Gucci

Rings: Mociun

Hair Stylist & MUA: Brides 


The Green Building Wedding // Ashley + Tiffany

Ok ya’ll!! I’ve been dying to get this one up, but it was such a hard edit! So many good one’s here captured by Shannon, and I am just in LOVE with these two! I can’t get over their fabulous style, their amazing smiles, and I just wish I was on that dance floor! After an unfortunate cancelation with another photographer, they reached out to us, to see if we had availability, and we dove right into this heaping wedding of magic. We are so honored to have worked with Ashley and Tiffany, and wish them all the best on their journey together! 



Venue: The Green Building

Catering: David Josephs

Baker: Nine Cakes

Florist: Bride and Blossom

Stationary: Amanda Day Rose

Jumpsuit: Jean Ralph Thurin

Suit: Indochino

MUA: Kluermoi

Hair: Tiarra Monet

Live Painter: Captured on Canvas

The Foundry Wedding// Sabrina + Hiyeran

This has been quite a year for us, and I am delighted to share this gorgeous wedding at The Foundry with you!!! These two just kill me! I am obsessed with Sabrina's romantic look, that she sourced from two different designers, and it couldn't be more beautiful! I love that she went with something other than white, and I would love to see more risk takers like her!! The bouquet just complements her look so beautifully, and Hiyeran is not too shabby himself! Don't they make such a cute couple!? We love weddings at The Foundry, and we still have more to share!! This gorgeous one shot by Shannon, and stay tuned for more!



Venue: The Foundry

Catering: Creative Foods Catering

Cake: Milk Bar Bakery

Florist: Wild Floral Design

Decor: Afloral

Stationary: Minted.

Dress Top: Emily Riggs Bridal ; Dress Bottom: Watters

Suit: Indochino

Hair: Sarah Pierre

MUA: Bridal Rang By Samiha



Hotel On Rivington Wedding//Candace + Derek

Dear Candace and DJ, we heart you for life! Just your sheer happiness on the day of was incredible and infectious! It was an absolute delight to document your big day, and nothing beats a rooftop ceremony in the Lower East Side. The creative freedom you gave my team as well as our friend Liza of Peartree Flowers just made everything so lovely!  Thank your for trusting us, and for choosing us for your big day!



Venue: Hotel on Rivington

Planner: Rachel Mehaffie

Catering: Hotel on Rivington

Cake: Nine Cakes

Florist: Peartree Flowers

Stationary: Bonomo Paper Co.

Dress: Enaura Bridal

Jewelry: Enaura Bridal

Suit: SuitSupply

Hair + MUA: Rebels and Outlaws


Glasserie and The Box House Hotel Wedding // Lindsey + Ryan

When people slay like this, it’s very difficult to even come up with something to say, when the photos speak for themselves! Lindsey, I am obsessed with your look, and that cape!!! Damn!! Slay all day! Ryan, come on, just look at those dreamy eyes, and lumberjack beard. If this isn’t one for the books, I don’t know what is!! Like I’ve said, Brooklyn weddings are the best, and there is a new venue in town! The Box House Hotel has been around, but they have a new addition, to their rooftop with Glasserie Events, and it doesn’t get much better! Look at those views! I’m obsessed with everything about this wedding, and Shannon killed it shooting this one!

Wishing you all the best Lindsey and Ryan!

Venue: The Box House Hotel

Catering: Glasserie Events

Florist: Saffron Brooklyn

Stationary: Minted

Dress: Ra'mon-Lawrence Designs

Cape: Ramon Lawrence

Suit: Hugo Boss

Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

Jewelry: Borrowed By Grandmother

Hair: K.L.O Hair

MUA: Bethany Townes